The Three Step Process to Help Determine if Your Case Qualifies
Most patients have been suffering, getting worse and worse. Going to doctor after doctor, receiving no new information, except possibly higher amounts of drugs or new drugs. This three-step process will provide insight, opportunities, and a total fresh, new opinion on your health issue(s).
Our program is based on science, safety, and measurable results

I am sure your doctor is giving you information and their best perspective. For many patients, the cat’s out of the bag, and they realize the doctor is trying, but does not have the knowledge or the desire to learn or think outside of the typical protocols. What if your doctor only has 10% of the science information available? That would mean you are getting a 90% incorrect perspective. We can provide the 90% science-evidence based new perspective you’ve been praying for.

If you qualify, we want you to have renewed levels of healABILITY. We want you to feel physically strong, mentally clear, emotionally sound and socially balanced. We take your case personally and are driven by producing results. Our programs are thoughtful, evidence based, scientific, safe and effective. For 91% of the patients that qualify, results are seen in 2-4 weeks of commencing care!

Are you ready to be provided with insight, opportunities, and a total fresh, new opinion on your health problem???
Dr. James F. Farley,

For 91 % of the cases that qualify,
results are seen in 2-4 weeks

Creating healABILITY Results

We have become the #1 Functional Neuro-Biomedicine Center in New Jersey.

Our program is based on science, safety and measurable results.

The TOP symptoms that our patients report improving:
  1. Energy
  2. Sleep
  3. Focus / Mood / Memory
  4. Cycle Hormones
  5. Pain / Balance / Movement / Tremors
  6. Digestion
  7. Swelling
  8. Weight Loss
  9. Hair Change
  10. Improved Libido
Patient Results 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019:
  • 85+ new contacts per month from people desperately trying to find answers to chronic health problems
  • Approximately 380 face to face consultations with Dr. Farley per year
  • Approximately 50% of cases qualify for our program
  • Positive improvements are usually seen within 2-4 weeks in approximately 91% of the cases that qualify
Okay, what are the steps already???
Step 1

The purpose of our consultation is to talk and discuss your health issue(s). Dr. Farley will listen like a James Bond Spy to all of your details, to all of your information, to all of your concerns, to all of your worries. Dr. Farley will then process your information and just like a super-computer, will explain your case and how things are connected in a mind-blowing (as patients have described it) clear and simplistic way, that you desperately need and you have been denied up to this point. This is the new perspective that patients have, literally, been brought to tears when they hear the logical, science based approach to restoring normal function, versus managing symptoms with drugs only. Don’t you deserve deeper and better explanations than you have been getting?

Step 2
Super 7 PLUS Examination package

Yes, after the phone consult I'll know if I qualify for Step 2 and Step 3.

The cost for Step 2/Step 3 is $1,299. If after the phone consult the doctor thinks I qualify, and I agree to move forward with Step 2/Step 3, my payment of $1,299 is due today so that I can then reserve and schedule my Step 2/Step 3 appointments.

The best part of this offer is that I'm protected by your "Better than risk free, iron-clad guarantee", which states:

If you are not 100% satisfied that our Step 2: Super 7 Plus Examination Package and Step 3: Report of Findings are not the MOST COMPREHENSIVE EXPLANATION AND TESTING...THAT IT PROVIDED REAL, VALUABLE INFORMATION FOR YOUR CASE, then I'll give you a 100% REFUND...

Before the examination begins, you will watch an instructional video on the brain which explains why we’re doing the exam. You will also re-watch the Super 7 Plus examination videos. These instructional videos lay the foundation for you to learn, understand, make good decisions, and if you qualify, provide care options. Then a full record review is undertaken to look at all Neuro-Immune Endocrine parameters.

Your case is studied and reviewed 3 times over to see if it qualifies for the full program. If you have a significant other, they MUST be with you at the Step 2 visit. If you live at home, both parents MUST be with you. Seniors MUST have children with them at the visit. The value of having a significant other or family member with you is essential to making an educated decision on concepts and any treatment plans presented, as well as to determine what level of plan is right for your health issues if you qualify.

Step 3

At Step 3, The Report of Findings, the doctor will decide if your case has qualified for the full program, or you may be referred to another more appropriate doctor. If your case does qualify, you will be given treatment plan options. These are based on your test findings, detailed paperwork, diagnostic tests, and blood tests that were previously run (no new blood work will be run until your case qualifies and a plan is agreed upon). This visit is where your entire case, which has been reviewed 3 times by Dr. Farley, is explained to you in detail. You'll learn what we found, what's wrong (why you have low healABILITY) and if you qualify. Each option will be clearly explained and the features, advantages, and benefits of each plan outlined. You will also watch an instructional video about the ROF (Report of Findings) and see all the treatments that may be required. Then you and your significant other or family member can make smart choices and an intelligent financial decision. If you have a significant other, they MUST be with you at this Step 3 visit. If you live at home, both parents MUST be with you. Seniors MUST have children with them at the visit.

Our Plans
Which Plan is Right For You?

All plan costs, minus any insurance that may be covered, will be discussed in detail. You may have some or no insurance coverage (our billing professional is #1 in New Jersey. She will squeeze every penny we can get from insurance for you). All plans are discounted from individual full fees, plus, prepaid plans get a 20% discount. Other payment plans are available for all cases.

(Note: for any diagnostic blood work, specialty blood work, or saliva testing that is recommended by Dr. Farley, the office DOES NOT profit a single penny. These test are required in order to get the deepest root functional cause diagnosis and then develop the best recommended action plan.)

Question for you... If you knew that the recommendations you are receiving with ONLY drug options were not the most science based, detailed, specific and precise recommendations for your personal needs… Would you want to know what is available? Would you want to remain in the dark? Or, would you want the best options available for you or your loved ones immediately? You have been lied to and misled and now it is time for you and your family to know the truth. You cannot and will not progress in your health and you will only continue to rapidly decline if you continue to do what you are doing… Because, it is a dead-end tunnel and does not focus on restoring proper function.

Because our program is highly sought after and we are now receiving over 1,000 contacts per year, we are extremely efficient in the 3 step process. The entire process will be complete within 5-7 days and you will finally know whether you have qualified for the full program, or not, and what your options are. If you don’t know all your options, or you have only been given 10% of your options, I think you would be quite upset and enraged finding out at some future time that more could have been done. No one wants to have regrets or guilt that they carry for not listening, being open to learning and investing in their health. Your health is your most important asset next to God, cherish it and take action on it immediately today.

We hope you have come to the conclusion that all of the hard work, research, effort and results (91%!!!) that have been put into creating these Functional Neuro-Biomedicine Programs are in dire need in today’s very sick and suffering healthcare.

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